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Originally a small talking circle, which five people brought to life five years ago, PIRST (Public und Investor Relations Stammtisch) developed more and more to a communication exchange point in a relaxed atmosphere. Right now about 70 PR and IR characters out of notable companies, analysts and business journalists belong to PIRST.

The participants:

ABN Amro
Adam Opel AG
Aktionskreis Finanzplatz e.V.
AOL Deutschland
Bankgesellschaft Berlin
Binding Brauerei AG
Commerzbank AG
Daimler Chrysler AG
Degussa AG
Deutsche Bahn AG
Deutsche Bank AG
Deutsche Börse AG
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
DG Bank
Die Welt
Dresdner Bank AG
DSM Deutsche Städte-Medien GmbH
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Frankfurter Presse-Club
Fritze Paul Schmitt
Goldman Sachs
Gold-Zack AG
Gontard & MetallBank AG
Hannover Rückversicherungs AG
IHK Frankfurt
Loyalty Partner GmbH
Mannesmann Arcor
Metzler seel. Sohn & Co KG aA
Rheinische Hypobank
RWE Solutions AG
SGL Carbon AG
The Financial Times
Volkswagen AG
Wella AG
Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt am Main












We meet regularly about five times a year for communication exchange and a relexed gettogether. During its development, PIRST also became a job exchange point. The location of this special meeting changes. There is something for everyone’s taste: From a real ranch experience in the heart of Frankfurt, to a visit at an original Italian restaurant à la Maa-maa, over a Frankfurt specialties restaurant until to a ride with Frankfurt’s oldtimer tram „Ebbelwei-Express“. The last PIRST events took place at a cart track, where participants raced against each other, and a web-hotel.